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Non-Mushy Valentine’s Day Cards

Look, Valentine’s Day is okay. I don’t love it, I don’t hate it. I enjoy doing something small that says to my husband “Hey. You’re pretty great and I love you and all that” without going all out with some kind of romantic comedy gesture that is too over the top and hideously expensive. It usually involves a funny card and some kind of chocolate (peanut m&ms feature more often than not since they are his favourite, unless I have time to bake something gooey and chocolatey that we will both enjoy). With the card, I always try to get something that is funny and revolves heavily around a pun of some kind because puns always make greeting cards better. Puns make most things better, though, don’t they?

So if you are like me and try to avoid those mushy hearts and flowers and overly pink and red cards with awful poems in them like the plague, then these glorious cards I’ve found all over the internet are for you!

Grammar in romance is important – Not on the High Street

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