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USA Foods

I’m finally resurfacing after a gorgeous two week holiday in Hawaii with my family. We returned last Thursday night, and I’ve been catching up on a bunch of other things (sleep and laundry. My life, let me show you the glamour), but I did unpack quickly and photographed the stuff I bought over there on the weekend. I’m going to split my posts into four: a food one, a make up one, a places to see/eat one, and a places to shop one.

I went to Sephora, and I went to the outlets, but I have to start with the most important post: food you can’t buy here.

One of my favourite things to do overseas is wander around in big supermarkets and look at all the food they have. Different breakfast cereals, different cookies, different ice cream, different chocolates and lollies. It’s heaven. I don’t buy everything, but I do love to see what their favourite flavour combinations are and what the varieties are like. I went over to Hawaii with a short list of a few grocery items I wanted to bring back with me and I found most of them. Some couldn’t be brought back, so they were photographed for instagram and promptly consumed by my husband and I.

Here’s what I did bring back though!

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