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Sunday Smoothie Series – Breakfast Smoothie

A new series that I literally just thought of yesterday. Some (possibly uninteresting) backstory: I have been thinking for some time that I really need to eat more fruit. I am not a Fruit Person. Sure, I like a bit of watermelon in Summer, and a juicy, sweet yellow nectarine eaten over the kitchen sink with the juice running down your arm is a thing from heaven. But to regularly incorporate two or three pieces of fruit into my daily diet? Nah, that’s not happening.

But I also have been thinking that I need to stop eating so many carbs. I love vegemite toast, and snacking on crackers and a bit of dip (current obsession: Taramasalata) is great, but I think I’m limiting myself a lot and really not eating as healthily as I could. So I’ve been thinking of giving the old smoothie a whirl. So I’ve trawled the internet for smoothie recipes that are relatively healthy and dairy free (I try not to eat a lot of dairy for various reasons). I’ll make a smoothie every Sunday (time permitting) and post a pic and the recipe here. If I like it, I’ll try to incorporate it into my breakfast routine during the week once or twice. I’m going to get somewhat more adventurous as I go along – I need to ease myself in. No flaxseed or protein powder or kale just yet. Let’s all just calm down a minute.

So here we go!

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