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Style – Tell Me About it, Stud.

First of all, I will not apologise for the title pun.

I’ve realised in the last year or so that whenever I stock up on earrings, usually at Lovisa’s three for two sales, that I tend to exclusively buy stud earrings, always in silver. I do own dangly earrings and a few pairs of hoops in different sizes, but for some reason over the years I have only worn stud earrings on day to day basis. Most of my dangly statement earrings are purchased for a specific event, like a wedding or something fairly dressy, worn once, then popped back into my jewellery box to be worn months or years later. With the increase in styled statement studs, I’ve been trying to force myself to at least consider wearing stud earrings that aren’t just a small silver stud in a geometric shape, so I decided to hunt around online to see what kind of interesting studs I could find that are slightly outside my comfort zone. But it’s tough – I don’t want anything too colourful or cutesy because it’s just not me (I love colour in my wardrobe, but colourful jewellery is something I don’t always love to incorporate for some reason. I stick to delicate, silver or white gold with subtle neutral tones). Still, it’s time to start expanding my jewellery box horizons to include things with a tad more colour pop to them, so here are a few I’ve come across online.

Mill & Murph

Mill & Murph is a local Melbourne brand I discovered when I bought a cute necklace from their stall at the Mornington craft market earlier this year, and they’ve been doing some really cute studs lately. These laser cut wooden ones have the colour of resin, but feel more subdued despite the colourful florals. Their whole range is worth checking out and if you see them at a market, do take a minute to browse as it’s all really pretty!
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