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Baking – The Very Best Scones

It still feels like Winter here in Melbourne – it’s currently pouring with rain and windy as I write this, so when I realised I hadn’t done a baking blog post in a while it was an easy decision to feature these scones, which I first started making a few years ago. I used to always try and do lemonade scones, but I found that no matter which recipe I tried, they never quite cooked all the way through no matter how long I left them in the oven. The centres were always slightly wet and doughy, which is not ideal in a scone. So I hunted around for another recipe and found this one on Taste. The first time I made them I was a convert. They rise beautifully, thanks to the baking powder, which you can’t taste at all – the lemonade in lemonade scones is supposed to be the raising agent, but it just wasn’t rising enough I think – and they’re light and fluffy, while only requiring minimum effort in the kitchen. A win all around!

So if you need something to make you feel cosy while you snuggle under a blanket this week and shake your fists at this lousy “Spring” weather, a batch of these will be perfect! I like to serve them with raspberry jam instead of strawberry because I love the tartness against the whipped cream, but really, any sweet jam will do.

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Lately – October Landscape

Uniqlo cardi

I’ve been AWOL here lately, I know. It’s a combination of having a bunch of stuff going on in our new house, being sick all week, and just trying to do a bunch of stuff that I can blog about later (watch movies, read books, catch up on TV). And it’s also been a little… Continue reading ->