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Rom Com Couch Time

You guys. This weeeaaatherrrrrrrr, right? I mean, I love Winter and being cosy and warm inside while it’s windy and cold outside, and snuggling on the couch with blankets and binging on TV for hours on end, but at the moment it’s just SO COLD and we still have two months to go! I know, I know, it’s not even really that cold for people in the northern hemisphere. We complain about the sun setting at 5.30pm and they deal with sunsets at 3pm and snow storms and not being able to go outside at all for months on end. Here in Melbourne we get rain, wind and some temperatures that they would probably consider positively balmy!

But I digress. One of the best things about Winter is chilling out with a movie, especially on the weekend, and I got to thinking the other day that in Winter I prefer to rewatch my favourites, just for that extra bit of comfort. And then I realised that of my long list of favourite films, they’re basically all romantic comedies. I mean, I am a female in my thirties, so it stands to reason that I love rom-coms. I am their key demographic, I suppose. So I thought it was high time I did a post on my favourites here on the blog, if only to help you make a wise choice when you’re on the couch next weekend looking for something to watch as the rain pours down and you realise you really, physically cannot leave the comfort of your heated lounge room and the cosy blanket you’re snuggled under.

Really, it’s a public service. You’re welcome.

The first film is my all time favourite film. The rest are in no particular order.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)
Can men and women really be just friends? Turns out, probably not, but you get a damn good script and some very funny moments as they try. Harry and Sally are aquainted when they drive across the country to New York after college. They bump into each other some years later at a bookstore and discover they they’ve both just been through a break up, so they strike up a friendship and help each other naviagte the waters of post-relationship dating. The thing I love about this film is their friendship. They’re unflinchingly honest, they genuinely care for each other, and they know how to have fun together on a platonic level. That’s really rare, I think. Of course, the fact that Nora Ephron wrote the script and Rob Reiner directed it help enormously, as I’m a huge fan of both of their bodies of work. And Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are perfect. Harry (Crystal) is forward, blunt, and very comedic, while Sally (Ryan) is wide-eyed, realistic, and cautiously optimistic. Their conversations, outings around Manhattan and funny asides make this film the ultimate romanitc comedy for me because it does truly have both comedy and romance. It’s basically what I measure all other rom-coms against and I’ve never seen anything that ticks all the boxes the way this film does.
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