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Baking – Raspberry and Coconut Cake

I’ve been buying a lot of raspberries lately. They’re not cheap, but they’re not too expensive either (compared to blueberries at the moment anyway!). I’ve also realised that for some reason I have an abundance of desiccated coconut in my pantry and that I need to use it up and/or stop buying it. Probably both. And now that we’ve settled into our new place, I have a new kitchen with a new (albeit small) oven to try out. So lots of baking has been happening, as I try to work out what the eight thousand settings on the oven dial mean. Seriously, one is a picture of a wiggly line, a stick, and possibly a snowflake. It’s like a baker’s riddle or something. I have read the manual, but I suspect that about five of those settings are unnecessary and I’ll never use them.

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