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Interior Design – A little girl’s room

So, I like Pinterest, and I’ve liked a few pages on Facebook that are kids shops with decor and furniture, and now that my daughter is two and a half and we’re going to take the rail off her cot tomorrow (GOD HELP ME), so I’ve been thinking about how I might decorate her room when she’s a bit older. There’s certain stuff you have when you have a baby that makes the room very baby-esque, obviously. Cots, bassinettes, change tables, bouncers, etc. As the baby grows up, that stuff gets shoved into the garage or given away, and suddenly you have a room without much in it. I’ve seen a few things lately around the internet that I’ve bookmarked, thinking how nice that would look in a little girl’s room, and I figured I might as well do a mood board so that I can keep track of it here. Having a blog really comes in handy sometimes.

I don’t love pink, and when you have a baby girl, you get a loooooot of pink stuff. I mean, I don’t hate the colour, but there are so many other colours I love more, particularly coral. And as luck would have it, a lot of the stuff I saw was coral. IT’S LIKE THE INTERNET IS READING MY MIND.
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