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Baking – No Bake Nutella Cheesecake

Seems like a lie to categorise this post under ‘baking’ and then have something that is actually not technically baked in the oven. But it’s all time spent in the kitchen using appliances, and the end result is a delicious dessert dish, so let’s not argue over semantics.

We had dinner at a friend’s house last week and I offered to bring dessert. Since it’s Summer, I wanted to make something cold, and thankfully it wasn’t a hot day, so I didn’t have to worry too much about anything melting in the car on the way over. So I googled “Summer desserts” and a bunch of no bake cheesecake recipes came up. The one I used is based on a Nigella Lawson recipe, according to the website I got it from, and it’s super simple to make.

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