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Fashion – Autumn Style

Okay, since the mornings have officially become cooler, I feel it is now acceptable to discuss Autumn fashion. I wanted to do this post a few weeks ago, but since I was at the local outdoor pool with my daughter as recently as last Thursday cooling off in the heat, I just didn’t feel right posting about long sleeves and closed toe shoes while I was lounging around in a waist-high pool in bathers and a sun hat. Melbourne, am I right?

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Christmas Gift Guide – Style

Kate Spade wallet pink_THUMBNAIL

Okay, since last week’s post I’m officially half way through our Christmas shopping, hooray! I’m hoping to have it all knocked over by the end of next week and I think that’s totally doable. Of course, I’m sure there will be one or two last minute gifts to purchase, but as long as the big… Continue reading ->

Chic To Do Wears – David Lawrence

David Lawrence dress_small

I bought a few small things in the post-Christmas sales, mostly work clothes, but this dress has to be my favourite. It’s technically my Christmas gift from my mum, but I chose it myself after Christmas. I saw this dress before Christmas in Myer, but couldn’t justify the $200 plus price tag. Waited two weeks… Continue reading ->