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Baking – Napolitaines

I didn’t bake much while I was pregnant last year. It’s weird, but I actually lost my baking mojo. I wanted to bake a lot, but every time I did, I messed it up. Even with simple things I’d made before. I just couldn’t get things right, so I gave up in the end. But lately I’ve been overcome again with the urge to bake. However, with a small baby and an almost five year old I don’t have a heap of time to spend in the kitchen yet. So I started with something relatively simple: Napolitaines.

These are a Mauritian biscuit (cookie) that I fell in love with the moment the crumbly shortbread crossed my lips for the first time about seventeen years ago. And they are ridiculously easy to make because the shortbread only has two ingredients and then you just ice them. Too easy, right?

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