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New Music – My Name Is You


I first discovered My Name Is You through my favourite artist, Joshua Radin’s Instagram feed. Brandon, one half of My Name Is You, plays in Radin’s band, and on a whim last week I decided to check out their website. The song above, Everything That, is the one that plays as you land on their… Continue reading ->

Songs About Love

Leaf photo_resized

It IS Valentine’s Day, and again, whether you love or hate it, or couldn’t really give a crap, I’m sure you’ll want to add some of these awesome songs to your playlist for today. Some are happy, some are not so happy, some are old (because you know I love me some classic hits) and… Continue reading ->

Workout Playlist


The other day my husband and I were out walking with the bub and a guy jogged past us without headphones. I remarked to my husband that I don’t understand how people can walk or jog without music or a podcast or something to keep them entertained while they exercise. I know there are people… Continue reading ->

Music – Loving Right Now


I always feel like the closer we get to Summer, the more fabulous music is released. Or it’s stuff that was released a little while ago but it’s suddenly played a lot more, so I’m suddenly a lot more aware of it? I don’t know. Anyway, here’s a quick round up of the music I’m… Continue reading ->