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Gift Guide – Books

An introduction to this post isn’t really needed, I guess. It’s about books (duh) that would make great gifts. Some of them I’ve read and loved, some of them I haven’t, but plan to very, very soon! Okay, here we go!

David Herbert’s Best Home Cooking $40
I was lucky enough to review this cookbook courtest of Penguin a few months ago, and I really cannot recomend it enough. The meals are simple to prepare, always tasty, and there’s a great variety of food, from appetisers to meat, fish, poultry and desserts. I’ve made a number of meals since I first reviewed it and I keep flicking through it every other week or so to try something new. If you know someone who loves food, but doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare hugely elaborate meals, this is the perfect gift! FYI, the chicken and feta sausage rolls need to be made A LOT because they are that delicious.
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