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Birthday Spoils

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I turned thirty three. I don’t really care so much about the numbers (most of the time), except when I can’t believe I’m still not twenty two and I now have a little human being to look after. My birthday fell on my day off, so I took my daughter off to DFO at South Wharf to hit up the Michael Kors shop because my husband’s gift to me was a new handbag that we hadn’t had time to go and buy. My trusty brown Oroton bag was faded and worn, and not in the good leathery way. So it was high time to invest in a new one, and I’d noticed the Michael Kors and Kate Spade shops had opened at DFO a few months ago. I bought a Kate Spade bag when we were in Hawaii last October, but it’s a big, boxy sort of bag and not suitable for everyday wear. So I’d been looking in the Michael Kors shop and had seen a few that looked like they suited my style. I tend to always go for black or brown in a handbag because they go with everything. I am also beginning to include navy and grey now as well, but I think they’re harder colours to find. I had also sold some of my lovely dressy dresses lately, things I no longer wear and no longer fit into because I’m a slightly smaller size than I was before I had my daughter. These are all dresses that I spent a hundred dollars or more on that I only wore once or twice at the most, so it was high time to get rid of them. This meant I had a little bit of cash to put towards the new bag, and then it doubled as my gift from my husband. I didn’t really want or need anything else, and we are in major decluttering mode at home, so I really didn’t want anything that took up unnecessary space in the house. So I browsed a bit and chose this gorgeous fella:

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