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Dinspo – Lamb, Silverbeet and Chickpea Rice pilaf

I bought a new slow cooker cookbook during the week. Australian Women’s Weekly cookbooks are always winners, and this one is a dense tome, with two hundred slow cooker recipes. I was immediately drawn to the lamb section, because there is nothing better than beautifully soft, slow cooked lamb in the Winter months. I was excited to try a recipe out this past weekend, secretly hoping the weather would be cold and rainy to suit my slow cooker mood. Alas, it was mild and breezy on Sunday, so while I didn’t feel as Wintry as I hoped while I cooked my first recipe, my clean washing did dry in under four hours on the clothesline, which in late May is unusual (thanks global warming, I guess?).

One of the first lamb recipes I flicked to when I opened the book was this Lamb pilaf. Historically, rice dishes are not my strong suit. I don’t know why – they’re either gluggy or flavourless or a combination of the two. But in the slow cooker, this recipe seemed like it could not fail. And I pleased to say it (and I) did not! It was a complete success!

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