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Lately on Instagram


Sandals – I was shopping a couple of weeks ago and saw that Famous Footwear had a two for $25 thing going on, so I grabbed these two pairs of sandals. I have always bought multiple pairs of the same shoe in different colours, and I loved the coral colour and the shimmery stone colour. The soles are ridiculously thin and won’t be great for long periods of standing, but they look cute and will do me nicely for this Summer.

The Design Market – Did anyone else hit the Design Market the weekend before last? I went with my sister and really enjoyed it. I was worried it would be hideously overpriced hipster crap (I just cannot get on board with plastic resin* jewellery, I’m sorry), but I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of stalls and prices. I only bought myself a thin silver bangle, but still saw a lot of lovely stuff and have saved the business cards. Loved the Miss Chu snack stalls and thought there were a lot of asymmetrical haricuts and young make up less women in shapeless, grey smock and leggings-type outfits (I do not get that look – are you trying to look fifteen years older than you really are?), I thought it was a good mixed crowd. Also, the weather was freaking beautiful.

Sunglasses – My sunglasses broke on our family holiday in QLD in October, and I’ve been wearing a cheap pair that I grabbed in Target while we were up there ever since. Luckily Ozsale has so many designer sunglasses sales at this time of year, so I nabbed these Oleg Cassini sunnies for $65. They’re bigger than I thought they would be and heavier than I would like, but they’re nice and sturdy. Though my husband remarked that he thought they make me look angry because of they way they turn up at the tops, so now I feel like everyone will think I look furious when I’m wearing them. Thoughts?

Christmas party – we had our work Christmas brunch last week down at South Wharf near the Polly Woodside. It was a nice venue, but the weather was utterly glorious. Melbourne, you really know how to turn it on (when you decide to do so, you contrary bitch).

Hope you’re having a great week! Chic To Do on Instagram if you’d like to follow me.

*it took me nearly 20 minutes to remember the word resin. I’m officially too tired.

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