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Food – Nigella’s Cheesecake Ice Cream

I’m not a big cake person, for a number of reasons. If it’s a sponge cake, it’s the texture that I don’t enjoy. If it’s a black forest cake, it’s all that cream and stuff. If it’s a really dense mud cake, then it’s too rich for me. There are a select few cakes I really enjoy, and even then, it’s a very small piece and I’m done.

But cheesecake? Oh, man.

Put a New York style baked cheesecake in front of me and I could eat the ENTIRE THING in about an hour. And it doesn’t even have to have anything with it. Don’t put cream on it, don’t put candied lemon on as a garnish. Just leave it alone, put it on the table, give me a fork and some privacy and I’m good.

And ice cream? Well, it’s a big weakness of mine. I don’t buy it very often because if I do, I buy an indulgent flavour (hello, Connoisseur Cookies and Cream or Cafe Grande) and the carton is empty in three days. I can’t resist a delicious, creamy ice cream.

So when I opened a cupboard the other day and realised I hadn’t used my ice cream machine yet this Summer, I had a bit of a think about what flavour to try. I had also been thinking recently how I hadn’t had a really good piece of cheesecake for a while, and voila, the flavour seed implanted itself in my mind. Some quick googling and I found a recipe from Nigella Lawson and decided to give it a try.

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