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Chic To Do Wears – Little Black Dress

My best friend had her hen’s night over the weekend, and I was super excited to get dressed up and kick up my heels. I might have been so excited that I ordered a total of four dresses from Asos and The Iconic to try on, but they all got returned (free returns, what can I say?). Who would have thought that out of FOUR dresses, not one of them would have suited me?? So I was grumpy, and still wanted a nice new outfit and happened to do a lap through Myer on their one day spend and save sale. Of course, I was in there less than ten minutes when I found the perfect little black dress from, surprise, surprise, Basque. Only my favourite Myer brand, and the one I will BE GUTTED ABOUT if they get rid of it. GUTTED. Every time I have a function, I look high and low for a dress, and end up back in Myer, nabbing a Basque dress, usually on sale. This time was no different.

I also got my hair cut after not doing anything with it for at least seven months due to a severe layering massacre that I had to grow out. So my hair was loooong. Down to my bra strap long. It was time for a change! Here’s the full look, with outfit details after the jump:

Now, I’m still perfecting my photography skills and location choices, but I managed to get my husband to snap these as we left the house.
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Beauty – Winter Buys

Beauty salon pic

I don’t spend big all that frequently on beauty products. I buy what I need, when I need it, and I go back and forth between buying new products and staying with old faithfuls that I know work on my normal-to-dry skin. Last week I realised that I’ve tried out a few new things in… Continue reading ->