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TV – Watching Right Now

There’s something no one tells you about having a baby. It is literally the best way to sit and binge-watch TV shows. THE BEST. I mean, it’s exhausting and you’re so tired some (most) days you can barely function, but in those early months when the baby just needs to be fed and cuddled endlessly all day long and all night long, you can sit on the couch, turn on Netflix, and watch episode after episode of a show while the baby feeds, or while it refuses to sleep anywhere but snuggled up on your chest. So even though you’re more tired than you’ve ever been in your entire life, you also have all this time to just sit and not do anything. So you might as well catch up on some TV, right?

My bub is six months old (WHAT), but I’m still managing to snag some decent couch time while I feed him and play with him on the floor when my older daughter is at kinder. Over the past couple of months I’ve discovered a few new shows, so I thought I’d pass on some recs to your guys. It’s really a public service announcement to better all of our lives.

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