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Marvelous Music

It’s been an exciting two weeks in music for me. Two of my favourite bands released new songs, and I went to a gig last night at the Corner Hotel here in Melbourne to see one of my favourite singers! So of course, I need to share this with you, because you NEED to have these bands/singer in your life. Your iPod will thank me, I promise!

Mumford & Sons – Believe

I have been hoping and hoping for a new album this year from these banjo playing hipsters SO HARD for the last few months. One reason for this is because I know they’ll probably do a tour here when it’s released. I missed their last national tour in 2012 because they were here when I had a teeny, tiny newborn almost permanently attached me and couldn’t get to their show for breastfeeding, post-natal reasons. So when I got in the car to drive to work on Tuesday two things happened. I had the radio on Triple J as I normally do when I drive to work and Ben from the band was being interviewed and they played their new song, Believe. Then I got a text message from my sister:
Text message
This song is a bit of a departure from their usual frenetic, uplifting, banjo playing extravaganzas, but I quite like it. It reminds me so much of Snow Patrol’s sound, another band I adore, and I’m super keen to hear what the new album will sound like. I’ll be buying it the day it hits the shelves, that’s for sure.
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