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Music – Cover versions

I ended last week with music, and I’m starting this week with it as well. Sometimes you just need a lot of music to block out all the other stuff, am I right?

This post is, as you can tell from the title, all covers. I love cover songs. When they’re done well, they’re often as good as or better than the original. It’s one of the reasons I watched Glee for so long. This is a just a bunch of really great cover versions of popular songs. Enjoy!

Army of 3 – We Found Love (original by Rihanna)

This is a little side project of Ingrid Michaelson’s, who I’ve been listening to for years. I actually really don’t like most Rihanna songs, but I never minded this one. See also the Glee version, which features some snazzy synchronised swimming. This song always peps me up, and I love Ingrid’s voice layered over and over again.
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