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Outdoor Dining

Despite all the rain here in Melbourne (seriously, dudes), I’m starting to day dream about warm Summer nights where we can relax outside on the back porch and eat dinner as the sun sets and watch our daughter play in the backyard. Before we moved last year, we only had a very small courtyard space that we never used as an eating area, and now that we have a house with an actual backyard that is actually landscaped thanks in large part to my husband over Winter this year, (we have grass! And plants!) I’m excited to spend a bit of time outdoors this Spring and Summer enjoying lazy barbecues, evening drinks with friends, and splashing around in the paddle pool on hot days.

However, the one thing I don’t really have is outdoor tableware. I mean, obviously we have our crockery in the kitchen, but I’ve been on the lookout for tableware that’s a little less breakable (ie, melamine) because it’s a bit more kid friendly (and also adult-friendly – I am clumsy). I don’t want to be smashing plates on the pavers like I’m in a Greek restaurant and end up having to go out and buy a new indoor dinner setting at the end of every Summer because of all the breakages (although maybe I do…I do LOVE shopping for homewares….)

On that note, I’ve been hunting around online for some fun, colourful melamine tableware, and have found a bunch of great options. Honestly, probably too many options, because how can I choose just one set?

Williams Sonoma $16 – $34AUD

How gorgeous is this set from Williams Sonoma? The rustic look makes it look distinctly unlike melamine, but it is! That pistachio green will never not be one of my go-to colours, in anything. The distressed edges make it look a little rough and well-used, and while each piece isn’t cheap on its own, it would be worth the splurge to have an outdoor tableware setting as shabby chic as this.
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