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The Pop Culture Hour with Julia & Kimberley – Episode 8: Things We Did Not Finish


After a bit of a long time between podcasts, we’re back, baby! This month, Kimberley and I chatted about the things we did not finish. You know those books that everyone raves about and you can’t get through the first three chapters? Or that movie that is making box office history so you watch it, but you just sit there the whole time going “…eh.” Or that TV show where the characters just become so bloody annoying and the storyline becomes so ridiculously implausible that you aren’t even hate-watching it, you’re just hating it outright? Yeah, those things.

We both had things we just couldn’t get through and would like those hours of our lives back. We tried and tried, but ultimately we Just. Couldn’t. Finish. And interestingly, we both had a few things we couldn’t do that the other loved! But what we really want to know (after you’ve listened to the podcast, of course), is what couldn’t you finish? What book made you want to set your eyeballs on fire because it would be more interesting than the text on the page? What TV show made you yawn over and over again? What movie did you have to switch off after the first fifteen minutes (or walk out of the cinema)? Do tell, dear listeners – no judgement, I promise.

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