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Food – Chocolate Platter

Hey! Remember when I blogged with some kind of regular schedule? Me, too! Anyway, life has been a little crazy lately the last six weeks or so, and I’ve had this post ready to write for a few weeks but just could not find the time to do it. But here I am! Here is the post!

This came about when I was planning what we would do for Christmas dinner, which we are hosting at our house this year. I was thinking about dessert and was thinking about how we always get the same delicious pudding each year to have with cream or ice cream, and while I love that pudding, I was thinking what if we just ran out of time to buy one? What could I do that required minimal effort if I really, really didn’t have time to find the pudding, or forgot completely to organise getting one before Christmas? Then I was grocery shopping one day at Aldi (my favourite shop), and I was browsing all their seasonal Christmas goodies and it struck me: just buy a bunch of sweet, seasonal Christmas chocolates and biscuits and arrange them on a plate and voila! Christmas chocolate platter!

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