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TV – Currently Watching

This dreary weather means we haven’t gone out much in the evenings on weekends. I mean, there’s also the four year old that requires baby sitting so that we can have a night out, but mostly it’s this freezing cold weather and rain that’s keeping us indoors. Luckily there’s been a bunch of good stuff on TV and Netflix to keep me entertained. Here’s what I’ve been watching lately!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
I started out really liking this show. A musical comedy about a woman who up-ends her life to move to a small Californian town just because that’s where her summer camp ex-boyfriend lives? Sounds crazy but also kind of entertaining. Yale educated lawyer Rebecca moves to West Covina from New York out of the blue, hell bent on getting her old boyfriend Josh to fall for her again, but wouldn’t you know it, he’s already in a committed relationship! As she secretly tries to worm her way into Josh’s life again, she becomes good friends with co-worker Paula, who helps her on her quest to date Josh again, and falls in and out of favour with Greg, a snarky bartender who, despite his best efforts, can’t seem to help being drawn to Rebecca, even if she’s not quite what she seems. Interspersed with very clever musical numbers about everything from big boobed ladies to getting ready for a date night, the episodes are snappy and funny with a good cast of supporting characters. However, things started to fall apart a little bit for me around episode ten. I felt from there onwards the plots were reaching a little too hard to get Rebecca’s over-arching goal achieved no matter the cost. I felt like there were inconsistencies with her character (a Yale-educated lawyer who cannot manage her money and does not understand a car lease? Please) and Paula’s utter obsession with Rebecca getting Josh was never fully addressed as the crazy town it evolved into by the season wrap-up. It’s a fun show to watch, if you can really suspend your disbelief in the latter part of the season, and the musical numbers alone are incredibly astute from a female point of view.
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