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Baking – No Bake Chocolate Slice

It’s kind of a lie to title this post as a Baking post, since this slice is no bake. It’s probably one of the easiest slices I’ve ever made. Like, EVER.

Backstory: I was at a first birthday party last weekend, and this slice was on a beautiful table full of treats. I tried a piece, thinking it was a Hedgehog slice, only to be pleastantly surprised that it wasn’t. It didn’t have the huge chunks of cookies in it, but it was still soft and chewy. It didn’t have the strong cocoa flavour that Hedgehog slice has, but it was still chocolate-y in a subtle way. Best of all? It was covered in milk chocolate icing. I asked my friend where she got the recipe, and she quickly told me the short list of ingredients and said she saw it on Facebook. I thought something with so few ingredients would surely be online in a few places, like those Facebook posts you see that are things like “Banana ice cream with only two ingredients!” or “Nutella French toast in seconds!”

Anyway, I googled one of the main ingredients and the phrase “chocolate slice” and what do you know, the recipe came up straight away. So, let me present to you the easiest no bake slice you’ll probably ever make!

4 Ingredient Caramello Chocolate Slice
(disclaimer: my version has seven ingredients because of the icing and sprinkles. You can opt not to do chocolate icing and sprinkles, put that plate down next to one with chocolate icing and sprinkles and see which one people go for. Trust me).

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