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Lately – October Landscape

I’ve been AWOL here lately, I know. It’s a combination of having a bunch of stuff going on in our new house, being sick all week, and just trying to do a bunch of stuff that I can blog about later (watch movies, read books, catch up on TV). And it’s also been a little bit of writer’s block – preoccupation with stuff in real life has taken over my creative drive, and I don’t really mind because it’s nice to focus on putting those little touches on our house here and there to make it seem more ‘ours’. But here’s a bit of a drive-by post of stuff I’ve been doing lately.

We had two weekends in a row of afternoon tea visitors, so I feel like my lemonade scone game is strong. This batch was the best batch I’ve made, though the middle ones still seemed a bit doughy in the centres. Still, mostly light and fluffy and divine with freshly whipped cream and Berenberg strawberry jam. Eating scones is pretty much the only time I eat both cream and jam. I usually detest cream and I find jam to sweet. But put them together on a scone and my brain just screams “GET IN MY BELLY!” You know how it is.
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