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Out and About – Melbourne Cafés

We’ve been trying to get out a little bit more now that the dust has settled from our house move last year and we’ve managed to achieve a lot of the things on our house to-do list in the past few months. One of the things I’ve been enjoying doing is visiting cafés I hear about for ages on Facebook and Instagram. I don’t want to be a total sheep, but when people in Melbourne say something is worth visiting over and over again, endlessly Instagramming their coffee and chia bowls in delicate white light, I need to know if their opinions can be trusted and how high the level of hipster wank is at that particular café.

Obviously that needs to be done by stuffing my face with (hopefully) delicious foods! So here is a quick round up of the places we have eaten recently:

Mr. Brightside café – Caulfield South

This is a cheery neighbourhood café with lots of comfy shared tables in the middle and nice bench seating around the edges. While it can get overrun with “noisy mothers” in the mornings (according to the Chic To Do dad who had visited previously), my dad, daughter and I visited on a quiet Thursday around lunch time and it was pleasantly relaxed. The menu has a lot of really delicious food that strikes a nice balance between gourmet and good old café breakfast and lunch. I opted for one of the freshly made salads on display. The Habibi salad was full of grains, tomatoes, legumes and lots of other good stuff, while my dad had the Nordic bruschetta with smoked trout (which sadly doesn’t seem to be on their new menu, though there is something called the Nordic loaf that sounds similar). My daughter had hot chips, which we all agreed were exactly the right thickness and perfectly crunchy. The pricing is reasonable and the atmosphere is great. Well worth a visit if you want a relaxed place to catch up with friends or have a bite to eat while you read the paper.
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