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Beauty – The Perfect Cleanser

It took me a really long time to understand what my skin type is. I always thought it was normal, so I would just buy any cleaner I could find, usually a cheapie in the supermarket, then wonder why my skin broke out, or I felt like I had a film of residue left on my face after I’d washed it in the shower. It wasn’t until I was in my mid twenties (I know) that a beauty therapist commented that my skin was a little dry. Really? But I didn’t have patches of dry, flaky skin I always associated with dry skin, say on my legs or feet. Turns out I have normal to dry skin, that gets a little drier in the Winter months. So I adjusted my cleanser purposes accordingly and began the search for the perfect cleanser for my newly discovered skin type. Over the last ten years I’ve tried a bunch of them, with varying degrees of success, but I’ve settled on my favourite four (so far!), and I wanted to share them. You know, just in case you’re like me and you’re a bit clueless about skin types and how to treat them. I’ve written about these before in various beauty posts, but figured it would be a good reference point to pop them into one convenient post!

Lacura Essentials Organic Argan Oil Facial Cleansing Mousse

This is from Aldi, which is (dorkily) one of my favourite shops. You can buy fruit, vegetables, an air conditioner, power tools, and kids’ clothes all in the one place. How amazing! They don’t sell this as a regular product though, just once a year or so, so unfortunately I can’t link you to the URL to purchase it from. I bought it about a year ago on a whim and fell in love with it. It was less than ten dollars and despite the fact that it has Argan oil in it, it is actually the lightest, fluffiest mousse. It gently cleanses and doesn’t leave a single drop of residue on my face. Last time they had it for sale I bought two bottles, and I’m desperately waiting for its next appearance so I can stock up again. If you want a cleanser that feels lighter than air, and you’re on a budget, if you happen to see this for sale as Aldi, STOCK UP.
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Beauty – Winter Beauty favourites

Heel Genius

Bliss hand cream $20 I know we’re in the depths of Winter because in the space of three weeks my hands have become cracked and dry, no matter how much hand cream I slather on them. I was looking at reviews of hand cream and this Bliss one came highly recommended. I already use their… Continue reading ->

Beauty – Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Smoky_THUMB

Having a sister who lives in Europe is a tremendously beneficial thing. I got surprised with the latest Urban Decay Smoky Palette at Christmas, which I hadn’t even asked her to buy for me! She was lucky enough to be in Barcelona recently (I know, right?) and visited the massive Sephora store there (seriously, Google… Continue reading ->

Beauty – Lancôme Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur Instant Perfector

Lancome Thumbnail

Recently the kind folks at adorebeauty.com.au reached out to me and asked if I would like to try a product from their Lancôme range and I practically jumped into their website to browse immeditately. I’ve been wanting to try Lancôme anything for ages, but given that the price points are generally at the higher end… Continue reading ->

Beauty – Winter Buys

Beauty salon pic

I don’t spend big all that frequently on beauty products. I buy what I need, when I need it, and I go back and forth between buying new products and staying with old faithfuls that I know work on my normal-to-dry skin. Last week I realised that I’ve tried out a few new things in… Continue reading ->

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


This is a sponsored post. Guys, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. YOU HAVE TWO DAYS TO ORGANISE SOMETHING. This is your official warning! And please, make it something good okay? The shops all seem to think that all us mothers want is pyjamas, dressing gowns, slippers and maybe some cheap bath and body stuff. I… Continue reading ->