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Baking – Banana Bread

If there’s one thing I bake fairly consistently it’s banana cake and banana muffins. We never seem to consume the bananas I buy at the supermarket, so at least once a month I come into the kitchen in the morning and realise there are two bananas that I need to use immediately or throw them away. I know, I could just freeze them, but I’m really lazy about doing that. I also think that if I pop them in the freezer, they’ll disappear under the stray icy-poles and half full bags of frozen peas and a six month old Sara Lee cheesecake I have in there “just in case” that we never eat. So I figure I might as well bake something with them. But lately I’ve been a bit sick of the usual banana cake and banana muffins that I make and wanted something a bit less cake-like, so I found this recipe on Taste.com.au and gave it a whirl.

Banana bread
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