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Baking – The Very Best Scones

It still feels like Winter here in Melbourne – it’s currently pouring with rain and windy as I write this, so when I realised I hadn’t done a baking blog post in a while it was an easy decision to feature these scones, which I first started making a few years ago. I used to always try and do lemonade scones, but I found that no matter which recipe I tried, they never quite cooked all the way through no matter how long I left them in the oven. The centres were always slightly wet and doughy, which is not ideal in a scone. So I hunted around for another recipe and found this one on Taste. The first time I made them I was a convert. They rise beautifully, thanks to the baking powder, which you can’t taste at all – the lemonade in lemonade scones is supposed to be the raising agent, but it just wasn’t rising enough I think – and they’re light and fluffy, while only requiring minimum effort in the kitchen. A win all around!

So if you need something to make you feel cosy while you snuggle under a blanket this week and shake your fists at this lousy “Spring” weather, a batch of these will be perfect! I like to serve them with raspberry jam instead of strawberry because I love the tartness against the whipped cream, but really, any sweet jam will do.

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Baking – Jumbo Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies


I don’t make cookies and cakes with nuts in them because my daughter has a nut allergy. But recently I was overtaken by the urge to make a really nice, soft peanut butter cookie. I do have a peanut cookie recipe in my favourite recipe book, but I wanted something super soft and chocolate-y, which… Continue reading ->

Baking – Italian Frappe


If you’ve ever been inside an Italian bakery, chances are you’ve seen and maybe even purchased crostoli. Well, let me introduce you to frappe, crostoli’s far, far superior sibling. Growing up with an Italian grandmother meant we were treated to all kinds of delicious savoury Italian meals – pasta and the best damn sauce I’ve… Continue reading ->

Lately – October Landscape

Uniqlo cardi

I’ve been AWOL here lately, I know. It’s a combination of having a bunch of stuff going on in our new house, being sick all week, and just trying to do a bunch of stuff that I can blog about later (watch movies, read books, catch up on TV). And it’s also been a little… Continue reading ->