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Spring Sandal Edit – Luxe and Less

I recently did a wardrobe clean out and threw away literally every pair of sandals I own. Every single pair. They were all at least three years old or more, some of them had straps that were wearing out or broken (but the sandal itself was still wearable), and a lot of them weren’t really on-trend. I don’t subscribe fully to trends from season to season, but I felt that they looked dated in style and that meant I wasn’t looking forward to wearing them when the warm weather hits soon, so they were banished to the bin (or drop box if they were in okay condition).

So I’ve been keeping an eye out whenever I’ve been at the shops or browsing online to see what kind of sandals are popping up in stores for Summer, and mentally making a note of the ones I really like. I’ve also tried to find less expensive versions of the ones I like, since sometimes it feels kind of ridiculous spending big bucks on a shoe that is essentially a sole and two straps. Kind of like spending more on a bikini than a Winter coat – we all want to feel like we’re getting value for money instead of spending money on garments/shoes that are basically partially not there, right?

Wittner Lillie Sandal – $169.95AUD
Pricey, but these look really comfy and great for any outfit – casual park days with the kids, impromptu backyard barbecues, anything really. While I didn’t know how much I could get behind an flat shoe with an ankle strap, I saw a lot of these in stores last year and I think I’ve come around to the look.
Saltwater Sandals – $89.95AUD
These are have a much more casual look to them than the Wittner ones, but the vibe is still the same – casual, simple and apparently (according to numerous people I know), crazy comfortable, even when walking sizeable distances. Also, they come in a million colours. Seriously, metallics, red, pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, everything. You could have a pair for every outfit! They also make them for kids and I’m planning to buy a pair for my daughter this Summer. Apparently they’re incredibly durable, even if they get wet.
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