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Winter Style – Boot Up!

I am having a serious love affair with boots right now. Specifically, ankle boots. When they first turned up a couple of years ago, I was not a fan. I don’t know why, but they just didn’t Do It for me. Now? Step aside, because I am getting ON BOARD THE TRAIN. There are several reasons for this. I wear a lot of flats and in Winter my feet get cold. I am also seriously afflicted with Wide Calf Syndrome (WCS), where for some reason, even though I am a very, very average size 14 person, to tops of my calves are weirdly slightly too wide to wear most knee high boots. This leads to much frustration when boot shopping in Winter. Ankle boots completely SOLVE this problem. That doesn’t mean I will stop my search for a knee high boot that fits me perfectly, but in the meantime, ankle boots are my saviour. And I’ve seen a LOT of them lately that I could quite easily buy. To wit:

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