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Album Talk – Top 11

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for new music, as I noted here. New Mumford & Sons, new Florence + the Machine, and new Of Monsters and Men, all some of my favourite bands. It makes me hopeful that their new albums are super awesome (but no pressure, guys), because I’ve loved their previous stuff so, so much. A little while ago, Nat at The Mustard Jumper did a list of her favourite 15 albums and it got me thinking about my favourite albums of all time. OF ALL TIME (so far). Most are from the last ten years, because those years were the most formative in developing my musical tastes.

Here is my list of stuff that gets played over and over and over again, in no particular order. And I couldn’t narrow it down to just ten, I just COULD NOT DO IT.

Snow Patrol – Eyes Open (2006)
Favourite track – You Could Be Happy

I remember so clearly driving home from work in 2006 and hearing a song on the radio – Triple M, I believe, which I don’t normally listen to, and I turned it up. Like, WAY UP, which is another thing I don’t normally do. That song was You’re All I Have and from those opening “ooo oooooo ooo oo’s” I was hooked. I went out and bought the album that week and it was on repeat in my car CD player for about three months. Snow Patrol’s music on this album is everything you want from a newish band – straight up infectious pop rock with the most beautiful song lyrics I’d heard in rock music.
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