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Sunday Smoothie Series – Orange, Papaya and Passionfruit


I’ve been AWOL from the blog a bit because we’re still busy settling into our new house, and as a result making smoothies hasn’t been high on my list of priorities. It should though, because all this Winter blah weather has me feeling like I need some refreshing fruit and veggies in my diet (HOW… Continue reading ->

The Pop Culture Hour with Julia & Kimberley – Episode 10: Sidekicks, Emmy chat and more!


Double digits, woo hoo! Apologies for the delay, but real life just keeps getting in the way, you know? But here we are! This month Kimberley and I wanted to talk about sidekicks in TV and film and how they support the main characters, Emmy nominations (and who was ROYALLY SNUBBED), as well as a… Continue reading ->

The Pop Culture Hour with Julia & Kimberley – Episode 9: Fierce Female Characters

Peggy Olson_thumbnail

This month’s podcast was a fun one! It’s all about fierce female characters and why we love them. These are the women who are smart, sassy, and unafraid to follow their gut and fight for what they believe in. They don’t wield a stake, or have a super cool spy get-up, but they kick ass… Continue reading ->

Sunday Smoothie Series – Cherry and Peach smoothie With Lime


So Winter is upon us. And with it goes all the delicious Summer stone fruit. I always eat less fruit in Winter, because I feel like there’s less interesting things around. I mean, pears are nice, but they take so bloody long to ripen. The melons are always on the shelves, but they start to… Continue reading ->