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Sunday Smoothie Series – Raspberry, orange and guava

Oops, haven’t done one of these for a little while! We’ve been busy getting stuff done out in the garden now that the weather has become less cold, which means that on Sundays we’ve been up and at ’em without much time to indulge in a smoothie. Last week I had a craving though, and berries have been coming down in price steadily the past few weeks from the average price of a gold brick to something more in the stainless steel range, so I grabbed a punnet of fresh raspberries because I love them so much. I don’t eat a lot of dairy these days, but one of my favourite things is a nice sweet Greek yoghurt with some fresh raspberries mixed in to give the yoghurt a tart bite. Delicious.

Also, last week I bought a couple of oranges the size of my daughter’s head, and actually got a decent amount of juice out of them, so I decided to see what rasberry and orange would be like together.

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Sunday Smoothie Series – Orange, Papaya and Passionfruit


I’ve been AWOL from the blog a bit because we’re still busy settling into our new house, and as a result making smoothies hasn’t been high on my list of priorities. It should though, because all this Winter blah weather has me feeling like I need some refreshing fruit and veggies in my diet (HOW… Continue reading ->

Sunday Smoothie Series – Cherry and Peach smoothie With Lime


So Winter is upon us. And with it goes all the delicious Summer stone fruit. I always eat less fruit in Winter, because I feel like there’s less interesting things around. I mean, pears are nice, but they take so bloody long to ripen. The melons are always on the shelves, but they start to… Continue reading ->

Sunday Smoothie Series – Watermelon, Strawberry and Mint

watermelon thumbnail

It’s been a few weeks in between these, but this one is worth the wait, I promise! I always have watermelon in the fridge because my daughter likes it, but I found myself often throwing the last chunk of it away because it had gone soft and mooshy by the end of the week. So… Continue reading ->

Sunday Smoothie Series – Pomegranate, Cranberry and Kiwi


I am intrigued by pomegranate. I have never eaten the fruit itself, but I had a delicious salad a month or so ago that had pomegranate seeds in it that added the most tart flavour with every bite. I am not someone who generally enjoys savoury and sweet flavours mixed together (except for a lemon… Continue reading ->

Sunday Smoothie Series – Breakfast Smoothie

Kiwi fruit

A new series that I literally just thought of yesterday. Some (possibly uninteresting) backstory: I have been thinking for some time that I really need to eat more fruit. I am not a Fruit Person. Sure, I like a bit of watermelon in Summer, and a juicy, sweet yellow nectarine eaten over the kitchen sink… Continue reading ->