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A Quilt and An Announcement

Hi! It’s been kind of quiet around here this year, hasn’t it? My posts have been sporadic at best, which I’m fully aware of. Not sure how many people still read my blog (going by my stats I would say not a lot, disappointingly), but for anyone still checking in, I wanted to explain my absence. But first, I made a quilt!

In case it isn’t super obvious, this quilt is a floor quilt. For a baby. Specifically, the baby I am pregnant with.

That’s right – we are expecting bub number two in about three weeks! Heh, I know, I kept that well under wraps, right?
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Crafty Lady – Girl’s skirts

Girls skirts THUMBNAIL

I’ve been annoyed at little girl’s skirts in shops the past two Winters (and Summers, let’s be honest). They are usually about as long as the bottom of their bum cheeks, and even with tights on in Winter, they’re still too damn short for my liking, especially on my four year old with long, long… Continue reading ->