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2015 Best Picture Oscar Nominations – Road to the Oscars

Oscar Award

Yay, it’s awards season! I’m a bit of an award show nerd, and every year for the last few years I’ve wanted to go and see all of the Best Picture nominees but I’ve never gotten around to it. But this year, I’m determined to see them all. DETERMINED. And thank goodness that all the… Continue reading ->

2014 Oscars Fashion – Hits and Misses

Liza Minelli

Well, today’s Oscar’s red carpet was particularly beige, wasn’t it? Barely any colour, which was really disappointing! But first: Has anyone seen Pharrell’s skateboard? He *thinks* he left it wherever he left his giant ass hat, most likely over at Liza Minelli’s place last night at her pre-Oscars party, but really, who knows. Just text… Continue reading ->