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Road to the Oscars – 2016 Best Picture Nominees

Oscar Award

You guys! I’m going to attempt to do my Road to the Oscars series again by watching and reviewing all eight of the 2016 Best Picture Oscar nominees. I’ve already seen two of them, so I feel this is a very achievable goal! The nominees are: My first review will go live later this week,… Continue reading ->

Movies – La Famille Belier

I don’t watch a lot of foreign films, and if I do they’re generally French, because my husband is Mauritian and speaks French, so that’s what we gravitate towards. Before Christmas, my mum and sister were telling us about a film they had seen and said it was well worth checking out while it’s on… Continue reading ->

Movies – November 2015

Burnt poster_Thumbnail

We’ve been home a lot the last few months, but between having Netflix for a brief six month period, and sneaking out here and there on the weekends to see a few films, I’ve amassed a few that I realised I never reviewed here. So this is kind of a brief catch-all review post. Straight… Continue reading ->

Movie Review – Spy

I’ve got a few free movie tickets stashed in our calendar, given to me a few months ago when I took my daughter to her first movie screening and the sound didn’t work properly. So last week it was a quiet Thursday night and I snuck out to see Spy using one of those free… Continue reading ->

DVD Talk – Chick Flicks


I’ve had a bit of down time recently with a few colds, a sick toddler and the Easter long weekend, so I used the opportunity this couch time provided to catch up on a few films I’ve been wanting to see for a while. This also coincided with me shopping at Woolworths instead of my… Continue reading ->

The Pop Culture Hour with Julia & Kimberley: Episode 7 – Movies, TV, and Books in 2015


We’re back! February slipped by in the blink of an eye and alas, there was no podcast. But it’s Autumn now, and that’s the perfect time to start looking at the year ahead and planning which movies TV shows, and books we need to make time to watch/read! Kimberley and I have interestingly different taste… Continue reading ->