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Food – Chocolab

I did something a few weeks ago that I don’t normally do. I did SUCH a blogger thing and I “reached out” to a company to see if they wanted to partner up for a post reviewing their products. I know, très blogger-ish, right? But here’s the thing. When you’re browsing the internet, specifically scrolling through your Facebook feed, and you see an ad that talks about creating your own chocolate block you click on it immediately. IMMEDIATELY. So when I got an email back from one of the founders of the company welcoming the opportunity to work with Chic To Do, I knew I was onto a good thing.

chocolab_02So without further ado, let me introduce you to the wonderful Sydney-based website that is Chocolab, a web-based company that lets you create your dream chocolate

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The 50


I saw this on Natalie’s blog and loved it. Such a good idea and a quick and easy way for people to learn a bit about the blogger! So, here are mine: 1. What are you wearing? A red Banana Republic t shirt that I bought in Hawaii that is soft as a baby’s bum,… Continue reading ->