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Food – Chocolate Platter

Hey! Remember when I blogged with some kind of regular schedule? Me, too! Anyway, life has been a little crazy lately the last six weeks or so, and I’ve had this post ready to write for a few weeks but just could not find the time to do it. But here I am! Here is the post!

This came about when I was planning what we would do for Christmas dinner, which we are hosting at our house this year. I was thinking about dessert and was thinking about how we always get the same delicious pudding each year to have with cream or ice cream, and while I love that pudding, I was thinking what if we just ran out of time to buy one? What could I do that required minimal effort if I really, really didn’t have time to find the pudding, or forgot completely to organise getting one before Christmas? Then I was grocery shopping one day at Aldi (my favourite shop), and I was browsing all their seasonal Christmas goodies and it struck me: just buy a bunch of sweet, seasonal Christmas chocolates and biscuits and arrange them on a plate and voila! Christmas chocolate platter!

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Fashion – Casual Saturday

Boots thumbnail

I’ve been trying to update my wardrobe a little bit lately. I think it’s because we’ve reached that point in Winter where it feels like it’s never going to end, I’m going to be stuck inside forever, and I’m never going to wear anything except fleecy hoodies and tracksuit pants for the rest of my… Continue reading ->

Fashion – Winter Jumpers

French Connection Stripe Varsity Knit_THUMBNAIL

I’m on maternity leave this year, so my work wardrobe is enjoying its holiday in my drawers for the next little while. However, now that we’re heading into the cooler months, I realised all the winter stuff I wore last year was largely maternity clothing or regular clothes that I bought slightly larger to accommodate… Continue reading ->