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USA Foods

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I’m finally resurfacing after a gorgeous two week holiday in Hawaii with my family. We returned last Thursday night, and I’ve been catching up on a bunch of other things (sleep and laundry. My life, let me show you the glamour), but I did unpack quickly and photographed the stuff I bought over there on… Continue reading ->

Music – Sara Bareilles Live in Melbourne

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Photo credit: Take 40 Everyone has a singer that they love, that they would recommend to people over and over again, that they wait years and years to see live in concert. For me, that’s Sara Bareilles. I started listening to her music in about 2007, when I saw someone recommend that week’s free iTunes… Continue reading ->

Beauty – Arbonne

I mentioned recently that I’ve tried Arbonne over the past few months, and was fairly pleased with it. And my my very expensive foundation ran out this week (which I normally purchase on Strawberry Net with a discount so it’s not as hideously expensive). Actually, quite a few things ran out these past few weeks,… Continue reading ->