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Crafty Lady – Patchwork Quilt

Some of you will remember from my old blog that I do a bit of patchwork quilting, and this year in March I did a few more classes before my maternity leave ended because I wanted a new project to work on throughout the year. I decided to make a quilt for my older sister, who lives and works in Suzchou, China, as a secondary school teacher, with the aim to give it to her as her Christmas present. I’m very pleased to say I made the deadline, finishing this quilt on December 23rd, with just days to spare!

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Links I Love


I’ve had so many links open on my phone, I fully expect Safari to crash at any moment. So, here are all the links that have amused and entertained me over the past couple of weeks. – You’ve probably already seen this, but it’s worth linking to again. The 28 Most Flawless Responses to a… Continue reading ->

Lately on Instagram

Instagram 14 DEC 2013

Sandals – I was shopping a couple of weeks ago and saw that Famous Footwear had a two for $25 thing going on, so I grabbed these two pairs of sandals. I have always bought multiple pairs of the same shoe in different colours, and I loved the coral colour and the shimmery stone colour…. Continue reading ->