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I started a new job in January this year, and after a year of being at home in maternity leave and existing mostly in tracksuit pants or jeans and jumpers, my work wardrobe was in need of quite the freshening up. Armed with some birthday and Christmas vouchers, I hit up my local Westfield to give my work wardrobe a bit of an overhaul. It’s my favourite time of year at the shops because I just love Autumn fashion. The jewel tones, the long sleeves, the boots, everything just looks so warm and inviting. It was hard to not drop about a thousand dollars in 30 minutes (which I have NOT DOUBT I could do. Easily). Here’s what I grabbed!

Witchery Textured Skinny Pant in maroon – $119AUD

I love these. They’re quite thick, so they’ll be great for Winter, and they hit my ankle at the exact right length. They are truly skinny all the way through the calf to the ankle, which is often something I struggle to find in trousers that are hip-hugging – they then balloon out at the calf. They have a side zip and an elasticised waist, so hello comfort, and the colour is gorgeous. I’ve already worn them multiple times with some new blush wedges I bought, and my black flats, so they’re very. versatile. I’m already planning to go back and get the navy blue version – a colour I’m having a bit of a love affair with at the moment, if I’m honest.

Country Road Houndstooth Top – $139AUD

Houndstooth seems to be everywhere at the moment, which I like. This top has an almost peplum feel at the waist without being too peplum-y. It’s more that the darts across the stomach area draw the top in to make a flattering waist silhouette. The sleeves are both gathered and billowy, which is a bit different for a normal work blouse and a feature I quite like, but it meant that I had to size down . My only complaint is the price, which for a thin fabric is too much. BUT I bought this and the other two items below when Country Road was having their buy two, get a third free, and I had a $20 birthday voucher on my loyalty card, so it was basically free. It looks great with black pants and heels or flats, and I find the pattern so chic.

Country Road Print Bi-Stretch Legging – $99AUD

Printed leggings are everywhere at the moment, and I love it. Some are much better quality than others (I tried on a really badly cut pair at Target last week), and these caught my eye because they’re almost Houndstooth-esque. These aren’t as skinny at the ankle as I would like, but they’re definitely very close to it all the way down the leg. I’m now on the hunt for a beautifully cut white shirt with an oversize collar and cuffs (I’ve been watching a lot of Grace & Frankie lately and Jane Fonda’s shirts are so perfect), and I’ll wear these with my black heels and flats, and maybe even ankle boots during the cold weather. I love that these look tailored enough to wear at work, because I struggle to find flattering tailored pants that don’t look like bell-bottoms on my figure – I recently got a pair of Sportcraft pants taken in at the calf because they were just too damn wide (and they were meant to be straight legged!).

Country Road Textured Spot Knit – $119AUD

This is a cotton knit, but it’s quite soft, so at first I was fooled into thinking it was wool. Regardless of the fabric, I had to get it because green is my favourite colour and it’s something you don’t see a lot of in fashion. Apparently it’s THE colour this Winter, because I’ve seen a lot of green in varying shades and I AM HERE FOR IT. This also comes in grey and charcoal, but the green is irresistible. I’m going to pair it with grey denim and grey boots come Winter, so it’s not really for work, but it’s a new purchase so I had to include it. The only negative is that in the past I notice that Country Road knitwear pills SO quickly, so we’ll see if that happens again.

Target Ponte Ankle Grazer Tregging – $29

These pants are AMAZING. They’re tailored to look like trousers with seams running down the front and back, but they’re thick and stretchy and have a perfect elastic waist. They’re work pants that are actually comfortable! It’s a miracle! And they’re only $29. I bought two pairs recently and so did my sister. I just wish Target would release them in other colours – navy and grey would be amazing. They have a grey patterned pair, which are not as comfortable or nicely cut, so I didn’t but them. Basically they need to replicate this fabric in other colours and never vary it ever ever ever. Okay, Target? Cool, thanks.

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