2017 Emmy Award Fashion Hits and Misses

Donald Glover

It takes a special kind of man to wear a purple suit. Luckily Donald is that kind of man. A+ effort.

Tracee Ellis Ross

I love you lady, but this is a big no. HUGE NO. It’s so unflattering to her shape. Half muppet, half red carpet gown, it equals a full blown no from me. And it’s Chanel! I’m sorry, everyone, I know you all love it.

Lea Michele

Not what I was expecting from her and I like it! I feel like I would love it more if it were fitted through the leg, but it’s a lovely colour and the belt detail is a nice, subtle addition.

Rashida Jones

DO I LIKE THIS? I still don’t know. I love the colour on her, but I am not a fan of cut outs, and this cut out below the bust seems awkwardly placed. But it’s so subtle that I feel like I can overlook it? Maybe? I DON’T KNOW HELP ME DECIDE.

Emmy Rossum

Basic shimmery black, but it looks nice, right? The green jewellery is a nice touch.

Viola Davis

She kills it in this colour. Not 100% sure about the style of the bodice, but she makes it work, and that is really all that matters.

Sarah Paulson

Pretty sure I….don’t love this. It screams awkward too-tall girl at the prom that no one is asking to dance. Everyone else seems to love it, so I guess I will be the voice of dissent. FINE. The length is just too awkward for me. and the sleeves are….an issue. But it’s very her, you know?

Kathryn Hahn

This dress makes me sad.

Ariel Winter

Too much leg, sorry. She looks beautiful and I think the dress is interesting but I think one split would have been better. It’s just too much leg and it’s distracting me from the gown.

Gina Rodriguez

I love this but I think the neckline is maybe a bit too plunging. Bring it in a smidge, lady, it’s too much. I know I sound like a prude, but I find it takes away from the gown. I love her in the red/sheer texture though, I feel like she doesn’t wear colour a lot, so this is overall a win. Plus I love her show and I STILL MISS MICHAEL.

Debra Messing

Raincoat chic? I’m not a fan, but I continue to love and adore her hair, all these years later.

Leslie Jones


Keri Russell

Kind of cool. Black and feathery and she looks sort of vampy chic in it but it’s not my favourite. I feel like Keri is so often just shy of getting it right and this year with her nomination I hoped she would have knocked it out of the park. Maybe next time, Felicity.

Nicole Kidman

STUNNING COLOUR. STUNNING JEWELLERY. I can even get on board with the length because she’s so tall. Works perfectly on her. On someone else it could have been dire, but she looks fab. Although what do you all think of the pink shoes? I don’t think they’re my favourite with this dress. WHAT SAY YOU?

Reese Witherspoon

What even is this? A smoking jacket as evening wear? Reese! It was the night of Big Little Lies and this disappoints me in the extreme. It would have bee okay for a movie premier, but for a major awards show? No thank you. Also her hair extensions did not look great on camera.

Heidi Klum

So glad Heidi made time to come in from the commune for tonight. Bras obviously are optional.

Keirnan Shipka
Keirnan Shipka
So pretty and sweet. She’s grown up so nicely and I think she looks lovely here. The rainbow sequin details are a little pop of fun.

Jane Fonda

I love the colour. Everything else is awful, including her hair. Mutton dressed as lamb, anyone? I know that sounds vicious, but that hair is really not the best look for an eighty year old, no matter how well she’s aged (with a little help obviously, not that there’s anything wrong with that). The whole look just overwhelms her.

Jessica Biel

70s vibes all the way from the hair to the dress and I love it. Biel doesn’t get enough credit on the red carpet I think. She looks smokin’ hot in this.

Anna Chlumsky

BEST SHE HAS LOOKED. It’s simple but really chic and she looks comfortable in it. Well done!

Elisabeth Moss

I wish this was different. Longer, a different colour that doesn’t wash her out, I wish her hair was more “done”, I wish the dress didn’t shorten her torso, I wish her make up was stronger. Ugh. Peggy Olson, you can do better.

Alexis Bledel

Simple but chic, and the colour detail on the flower is so pretty. She’s so beautiful that she doesn’t need a lot of pomp, and this was gorgeous.

Zoe Kravitz

I love this. The black bodice and the rainbow skirt is so cute, add in the textured feathery look and it’s so fun!

Felicity Huffman

I feel like she just gets better with age. The perfectly tousled hair, the gorgeous ice blue colour of the gown, the lace. It’s all perfect. Perfect!

Shailene Woodley

This colour is to die for. I love green, but I feel like this could be less booby in the front given how bare the back is. But it works on her – kind of a hippy vibe but formal. I feel like Heidi Klum tried for this look and missed by a mile.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Metallic, but shimmery yellow rainbow metallic? Yes please! I love this and I keep coming back to it. My favourite of the night.

Who did you love and not love on the red carpet? Let me know!

Until next time,

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