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I’ve been trying to update my wardrobe a little bit lately. I think it’s because we’ve reached that point in Winter where it feels like it’s never going to end, I’m going to be stuck inside forever, and I’m never going to wear anything except fleecy hoodies and tracksuit pants for the rest of my life. I needed to breathe a little bit of life back into things, albeit very casually, because I don’t have a lot of commitments right now besides kindergarten drop off and pick up, and the very occasional quick lunch or dinner date with my husband. However, with a squirmy baby who doesn’t like to sit in the pram for long stretches of time, I can’t get out to the shops as often as I want. Thank goodness for online shopping, right? Although that’s not always safe – I was on birdsnestonline browsing and after just fifteen minutes I had seven hundred dollars worth of clothing in my basket. Oops.

So I quietly closed that browser tab and started again. All I wanted was a new top, some flat black ankle boots, and some new black skinnies. Mission accomplished:

Skinny jeans
The jeans I had already bought during a whirlwind dash through Target one day. They are Dannii Minogue Petites High Waisted Skinny Jeans and they hit my ankle at the exact right spot. I don’t need to get two inches of bunching taken up, I don’t need to worry about the waist band being too low, making me constantly hike them up. They fit perfectly and they don’t stretch after wearing them for three seconds. They are the perfect skinny. Plus they’re only thirty nine bucks. So affordable!

Stripey top
Despite me looking longingly at thin jersey tops and wishing it were warmer, I tried to stick to knitted tops with a full length sleeve, because damn it’s icy here in Melbourne. I like the full length sleeve because then I can wear a cheap long sleeved white or black tee underneath stuff for extra warmth. I definitely have a thing for white, grey, and pink, so naturally this top jumped out at me, and I grabbed it. While it’s more expensive then it needs to be, it’s also a nice thick knit. However I did have to send the medium back and size down to a small because it has a very boxy shape that was way too loose on me. I still had to get the small tailored at the waist to give me a bit more shape, but I love it – comfy and understated, and just what I wanted.

So, I’m in my mid-thirties and I need to wear comfortable shoes, okay? That means that on a day to day basis, I prefer boots with a flat heel. But finding a black boot that is flat that doesn’t resemble a workman’s boot was proving a bit hard for me. I also needed something with wasn’t too pointy through the foot and toe thanks to my slightly wider than usual feet. Enter these Easy Steps Alert Black Glove Boots. Flat heel, slightly rounded in shape through the foot and toe without looking dorky, and some nice buckle detail on the sides. I nabbed them on sale last week from Myer at 40% off, so they were only $119, which was perfect. My only criticism is that I wish they came up about two centimetres higher on the ankle – they’re not quite the right height for me to comfortable tuck my jeans into and leave, I find I’m adjusting them a bit every so often. But they are comfy, I can wear thick socks to keep my toes warm, and they’ll go with every pair of jeans I have.

So there you go. It’s not the fanciest of outfits. Perhaps it’s even a bit basic. But it got me out of my hoodie, tracksuit, and slippers and that’s always a good thing.

Until next time,

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