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Hello! It’s been a while, no? My laptop hard drive died, so it was impossible to get any blogging done until I had it fixed, which took a little longer than anticipated. I’ve been trying to make a plan to get back into blogging with at least one entry a week, so we’ll see how that goes. To start with, here’s a bunch of make up and skincare I’ve been using over the past couple of months that I’m quite impressed with. Anything that makes me look less tired is a winner in my book!

1. Philosophy – Miracle Worker Overnight
I’ve been a philosophy convert for a few years now. I adore their hydrating serurm, and I’ve used their Hope in a Jar moisturiser a number of times over the last couple of years. I recently needed a night cream that would help this tired mumma face feel a little bit more nourished in the mornings when I woke up. I wanted to feel like a Disney Princess gif waking up, and not so much like a Gremlins gif first thing in the morning after a night of broken sleep. So I hopped over to Adore Beauty and had a look around when I had a promo code to use and settled on the philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight. It’s an age-resetter, anti-wrinkle moisturiser which is exactly what I needed. I struggle with night creams because I often find them far too oily and rich for my skin, but this one is perfect. It seems dense at first, but it glides on so nicely, and my skin soaks it up straight away. In the mornings I’ve noticed my skin still feels moisturised without being greasy and it’s been a real winner for this normal-to-dry complexion. I love it and will definitely be repurchasing when this generous pot runs out (which I don’t see happening soon because a little bit goes a loooong way).

2. Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid
This foundation was introduced to me all the way back in April 2016, when I had my make up done for a wedding at Mecca Maxima (my favourite shop). The make up artist did a beautiful job, and the foundation was a huge part of why I was so happy with the look. When I get my make up done, I always ask to look dewy and fresh rather than matte and smooth, because I think matte make up ages me, particularly when the application is a heavy one that needs to last all day and into the evening. She told me this foundation was fairly new and the reason it was so great was because of the oils. It was oily as such, but rather it felt like it was moisturising my skin while providing really great coverage. But I when I left Mecca Maxima, I didn’t choose it as one of the products to take home as part of the cost of the make up job. BIG MISTAKE. I went back a few months later to purchase it when I needed foundation and they didn’t have my shade (Supernatural). I asked when they would have it in and they couldn’t tell me – “maybe in a few months” they said. A few months! No! Everyone knows once you need a new foundation, you need it RIGHT NOW because there are only three drops left in the one you have at home. So I bought a different brand and kept checking back with them every month or so. Eventually they told me it was possibly being discontinued (even though it was new line!) and they probably weren’t going to get anymore in. Great. Found the perfect product and it’s already being discontinued. RUDE. Anyway, fast forward to October last year, and one of my final Chadstone outings before giving birth. I was browsing in Mecca Maxima and lo and behold, what did I find? MY SHADE BACK IN STOCK! I practically ran to the counter to buy a bottle of it, and I’m so happy I did. This foundation is perfect for days when I’m going out to an event and I want to look really flawless and glowy without a heavy matte look. A little bit goes a long way, and it’s really buildable, so definitely worth checking out if you want a heavier foundation that will really nourish your skin.

3. Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette
I generally just use a basic blush or very pale bronzer on my cheeks, but this tired mama needed something more to really lift my skin on those days when it’s evident I haven’t slept enough. The Sephora twenty percent off sale came at exactly the right time – I decided I needed a nice subtle highlighter to give my skin a glow on the days when it looks slightly too pale and sallow from lack of sleep. I’ve heard good things about Becca, and never having tried it, I browsed their products until I found this palette. I love the two warm highlighter tones and the three blush shades are ones I don’t currently have anything similar too in my collection. The highlighters give me a nice subtle glow without looking too disco, and the blushes are nice and warm on my pale skin. A definite winner, and I have to say that the sturdy gold and white case it comes in is so chic and appealing to look at and hold. A+ all around!

4. Bliss Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask
Besides reviving my tired skin, I am always looking for things to help reduce pore size. I have larger pores on my cheeks and at-home treatments that will reduce their appearance are my jam, since I can’t spend billions of dollars on microdermabrasion every six weeks (even thought I want to!). I’ve been a fan of the Bliss brand since trying their divine eye make up remover last year and whenever Priceline has a forty percent off skincare sale I try to grab a few of their products to try (it’s not on their website though, hence no direct link). This mask is really phenomenal – it’s dual pump action helps exfoliate and cleanse pores and every time I’ve used it, I definitely notice a reduction in size. The mask doesn’t become tight or shiny on the skin, it just settles in nicely and then you wash it off with warm water. It’s low-key but with a great end result, which is always something right up my skincare alley. Highly recommend!

5. The Ordinary – High-Spreadability Fluid Primer
I only found out about The Ordinary brand recently, I think through an online article about their twelve dollar foundation that is apparently as amazing as a one hundred dollar foundation. When I browsed their full range of products, I was pleasantly surprised to find they do a decent range of skincare that is as equally affordable as their make up. They do vitamin C creams, retinoid serums, and glycolic acid solutions just to name a few. What I needed was a primer, and I wanted something a little smoother than my previous one, which felt more like an illuminator than a primer. So I added their High Spreadability Fluid Primer to my Adore Beauty shopping cart and hit purchase. I’m really happy with it so far. While it is more silicone based than my previous one, it really does spread over my skin really well and make my face feel a little more prepped and primed for make up application. At just $13.90, it’s probably the cheapest primer I’ve ever bought, which is fantastic. Only one downside I’ve noticed – despite only using it four times, the bottle is nearly half empty already, and I don’t use a lot of primer, so I think the bottle wasn’t as full as it should have been. Also, I have to note how much I love the simple white and black branding and the clear bottles they use. I have seriously considered buying a whole range of their products just to display in my grey and white bathroom because it would look so aesthetically pleasing. I cannot be the only one who thinks like this, right?

6. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
For the last couple of years, I’ve been using Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara quite happily. It gave me volume and definition on my normally short and straight lashes, but I did begin to find it a little clumpy when applying it. So I decided to try something new, and in browsing Sephora’s top rated mascaras, this Tarte one came up. The reviews were glowing, so I ordered it. When the courier delivered it, the young woman saw it was a Sephora box and asked what I had ordered. I told her it was a Tarte masacara and straight away she asked “Is it Lights, Camera, Lashes?” and I nodded. She said “Oh, that one’s awesome!” and went on her way. So I had yet another glowing review, this time from a real live person. I promptly opened the package and tried it. It is AMAZING. No clumps, beautiful application and it gives my lashes so much volume and length! I’m a firm convert. I loved Better Than Sex, but this one trumps it for sure.

7. Zoeva Rose Golden Palette
I have a Zoeva blush palette that purchased last year that I love, so during Sephora’s most recent 20 percent off sale I decided to try one of their eyeshadow palettes. I’ve basically only been using my four Urban Decay palettes for the past couple of years and while I love them, I’m getting a little bored with them (plus all my favourite shades are almost totally used up!). I play it safe with eye shadow (and basically everything else, really), and I loved that these shades are in line with my comfort zone of nudes and brown shades, but with more warmth to them than the Urban Decay shades. On my first try I realised that less is more with Zoeva, because as with the blush palette I have, the pigment is SO STRONG that you need to be very light of hand when applying and blending because the pigment is just so vibrant. I’m super happy with this palette, and the Zoeva brand in general is one I’m keen to try more products from because they are so afforable. Plus with the twenty percent discount I got it for about eighteen bucks. Not too shabby!

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