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I’m on maternity leave this year, so my work wardrobe is enjoying its holiday in my drawers for the next little while. However, now that we’re heading into the cooler months, I realised all the winter stuff I wore last year was largely maternity clothing or regular clothes that I bought slightly larger to accommodate my belly. So now none of those items are really looking that great, and with a stash of Westfield birthday vouchers burning a hole in my handbag, I hit up Myer’s weekend super sale to update my casual clothing situation. I am loathe to say it’s my mum wardrobe because for some reason I despise that kind of labelling. You know the one: hashtag luvmykids hashtag LOL hashtag mumstaxi.


But I do need to acknowledge that I will be spending this year largely at home, feeding a baby and doing kinder drop offs and pick ups, and going to the park, so it’s not like I need to be that dressed up during the week. And just for my own sanity, I don’t like to feel like I’m doing those things in trackie dacks I’ve had for the past three years and a Bonds hoodie with mysterious stains on it despite vigorous washing (it’s probably baby spew, who am I kidding?). So on Sunday we marched into Myer and my husband manned the pram while my daughter and I browsed the racks for some new casual stuff and a few new Winter knits.

1. French Connection Star Gazing Knit, $99.95 (I got it on sale for $75)
The crisp white with black stars on it will look great with black skinny jeans or jeggings and ankle boots, so it’s a nice, smart outfit but still comfy and cosy. Also the full length sleeves are important because on those bitterly cold days I can layer a basic long sleeved white top underneath without worrying about the sleeves of it showing.

2. French Connection Stripe Varsity Knit, $99.95 (also purchased on sale for $75)
I love the softer colours in this, and I have a pair of pale grey jeggings that this will pair beautifully with. I like the slightly lower hem at the back because I feel like it makes the knit look less like any other stripey jumper and something slightly more stylish. Worth noting I sized down in this because it’s a looser fit.

3. Seed Heritage Spotty Sweater in pale pink, $79.95 (no sale on Seed full priced items, sadly)
I would not normally pay eighty bucks for a windcheater, but since I had vouchers I was FEELING RECKLESS. This has large, subtle polka dots on it, perfect for the non-polka dot fan. it also comes in Navy which I am HEAVILY CONSIDERING buying soon.

4. Seed Heritage Sparkly Night Embroidered Sweater, $79.95 (no sale discount)
Another comfy windcheater that I would not normally pay eighty dollars for, but I can’t seem to resist stars at the moment. Both the Seed jumpers I sized down in because I don’t love a sloppy fit. These will be great with dark blue denim jeans and runners for park visits and kinder drop offs.

5. Seed Heritage Pom Pom Beanie in Grey, $29.95 (no sale discount)
We’re heading to Tasmania in late April for a week and I thought I better update my beanie situation because I’ve heard it’s crazy cold down there in the cooler months. This cable knit beanie is a nice, cosy fit, and the fluffy pom pom on top is sure to come in handy for tickling my baby’s face to distract him when he’s grumpy from being in the car too long (I hope). This also comes in a range of nice muted colours, and the olive green and cream ones are calling my name.

So apparently my Winter aesthetic is going to be pink, grey, white and a touch of black, with stars featuring heavily. I know this because the other items I picked up to look at were also all pink, grey, and white. What can I say, it’s been ages since I shopped for non-pregnancy clothing and I’m just a sucker for whatever colour palette is on trend at the moment because I’m so happy to be able to shop in the non-maternity section! A shopping trip well spent – Myer really kills it with these super sales, though I’m disappointed the full priced Seed stuff didn’t have any discount (the sale stuff did, for what it’s worth).

Until next time,

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