Jeggings Two Ways

Having a baby is a weird thing. I mean, it’s amazing and exhausting because you know, you get a baby at the end of the forty odd weeks, but it does a weird thing to a person’s sense of style. Pre-baby you’re confident (mostly) about what you like to wear and what you’re comfortable in and what looks good on your body. Post-baby you’re uncomfortable in your skin for a little while, your lumpy and saggy where you didn’t used to be lumpy and saggy, and you (possibly) have to wear super unsexy maternity bras that leave awful lines under your tops and have straps as wide as a man’s belt. It’s great, let me tell you. You feel like you’ve forgotten how to shop for clothing that isn’t maternity wear and suddenly you don’t have to wear clothing to accommodate a huge belly anymore. It’s a confusing time.

I gave birth at the end of November, and once we got through the first month and Christmas and everything I realised that the sales would be a good time to start searching for a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe that suit breastfeeding on the go and make me feel a little on-trend while I wait for my body to go back to its normal shape (please please please). I started with shoes, since my feet haven’t changed shape, then worked my way up, buying online and in stores.

I found these super comfy jeggings at online on sale for half their normal price. I love the dark denim, and they have an elastic waist, which I’m grateful for since I don’t feel ready to wear regular waisted jeans yet (or maybe ever again?). The thing I love most about them? They are THE EXACT RIGHT LENGTH FOR MY LEGS. No alteration needed!! This is a rare occurrence, trust me. I am constantly getting pants taken up about two inches. If only I had found these jeggings before the other two colour options sold out in my size.

The coral tee is one of my favourite colours, and the slight sparkle in the fabric gives it a slightly less casual look compared to a regular tee. The camel sandals are an update on the ones I chucked out last year when I realised the straps had broken and paired with the jeggings and tee give me an outfit I could happily wear on the weekends to brunch, be able to breastfeed AND feel like I’ve slightly updated my wardrobe.

Tee is the French Connection Fiona V Neck Foil Tee (from Myer)
Jeggings are from Seed
Sandals are the Sandler Quicy Cognac Glove sandals (from Myer)
Necklace is Emily Green

The white long sleeved shirt is another online purchase, and it’s perfect for the cooler weather in between the hotter days. It’s linen, which I don’t normally wear, but I love the slightly flared hem with the cut out detail, which draws the attention away from my slightly thicker than usual waistline (thanks, baby!), and the loafers are comfy and casual, and a good option when I don’t want to wear sandals or thongs (flip flops).

Shirt is the Seed Frill Hem Top (online)
Jeggings are Seed (online)
Shoes are Hush Puppies White Hope Leather Pump

Yay for non-maternity clothing!

Until next time,

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