Spring Sandal Edit – Luxe and Less

I recently did a wardrobe clean out and threw away literally every pair of sandals I own. Every single pair. They were all at least three years old or more, some of them had straps that were wearing out or broken (but the sandal itself was still wearable), and a lot of them weren’t really on-trend. I don’t subscribe fully to trends from season to season, but I felt that they looked dated in style and that meant I wasn’t looking forward to wearing them when the warm weather hits soon, so they were banished to the bin (or drop box if they were in okay condition).

So I’ve been keeping an eye out whenever I’ve been at the shops or browsing online to see what kind of sandals are popping up in stores for Summer, and mentally making a note of the ones I really like. I’ve also tried to find less expensive versions of the ones I like, since sometimes it feels kind of ridiculous spending big bucks on a shoe that is essentially a sole and two straps. Kind of like spending more on a bikini than a Winter coat – we all want to feel like we’re getting value for money instead of spending money on garments/shoes that are basically partially not there, right?

Wittner Lillie Sandal – $169.95AUD
Pricey, but these look really comfy and great for any outfit – casual park days with the kids, impromptu backyard barbecues, anything really. While I didn’t know how much I could get behind an flat shoe with an ankle strap, I saw a lot of these in stores last year and I think I’ve come around to the look.
Saltwater Sandals – $89.95AUD
These are have a much more casual look to them than the Wittner ones, but the vibe is still the same – casual, simple and apparently (according to numerous people I know), crazy comfortable, even when walking sizeable distances. Also, they come in a million colours. Seriously, metallics, red, pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, everything. You could have a pair for every outfit! They also make them for kids and I’m planning to buy a pair for my daughter this Summer. Apparently they’re incredibly durable, even if they get wet.

Merchant Abele Casual Sandal – $149.90AUD
I love the criss cross of the straps, and the soft metallic colour – these would be great with denim cut offs or a nice white casual sundress. The sole is thick enough for someone in their thirties who officially has No Time for crappy, thin soled shoes (yeah, me), and they’re dressier than Birkenstocks but have the same laidback feel to them.
ASOS FIA Soft Leather Sliders – $48AUD
I don’t know how comfortable these would be (see my above mentioned lack of time for thinly soled shoes), but I still like the structured look of the wide metallic band. It would really add a little flair to an otherwise casual Summer outfit without wearing a high heeled shoe.

Jo Mercer Elena Wedge Sandals – $159.95
I looooove a wedge in Summer. They’re chic and way more comfortable than a heel (comfort is obviously REALLY IMPORTANT to me), and they would work well in the office or after hours. These also come in patent black leather, which I love. Although for the past few years I’ve found Jo Mercer shoes have gone down in quality (I’ve had flats that barely lasted six months from there and stretched out unbelievably after only a few wears), I think it’s hard to mess up a wedge heel, so I have high hopes for these ones.
Payless Shoes Mandy Wedge Sandal – $44.99AUD
These are a pretty good dupe for the Jo Mercer ones, with a really attractive price tag. The wedge could be higher, but I think they still work with both casual and professional looks.

Merchant Quiet Riot Dress Sandal – $169.90AUD
I really love the stuff Merchant is doing lately. This chunky heel, which I would probably call more of a clog, is so cute for Summer. Pair it with a flippy sundress and a small cross body bag and you’re all set for a Summer afternoon drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar somewhere.
Williams Rizo Sandals – $79.95AUD
Williams is a funny sort of a shoe shop. They do a lot of basics, and school shoes and runners for kids, but they also always have some great Summer stuff. A few years ago they had espadrilles in about four different colours and it took ALL MY WILL POWER not buy a pair in every colour. These clog heels are basically identical to the Merchant ones, but almost a hundred dollars less, so they’re probably worth checking out!

Diana Ferrari Navajo Boots – $179.95AUD
This is another trend I really wasn’t sure about last Summer, but then I saw a blogger style some tan boots with a simple outfit of white skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt and I really liked it. These Diana Ferrari boots look super soft and comfy, and while I wouldn’t wear them on a super hot day, they’d be great for cooler mornings and nights when a completely open toed sandal is too bare.
Betts Spencer Boots – $89.99AUD
Another great dupe for a more expensive product. The open heel and woven top part of the shoe look really perfect for Summer, and the chunky heel adds a nice little bit of height that makes it look chic and dressy.

Seen any cute sandals lately? Let me know!

PS. I’m still working on getting my Flickr account un-deleted, so images in other posts are still AWOL. I finally heard back from Flickr and hopefully am on the way to getting my account reinstated after it was randomly deleted at some point in the last week. Thanks for your patience!

Until next time,

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